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  • What’s New in PHP 8.2

    What’s New in PHP 8.2

    Reading Time: 3 minutes What’s New in PHP 8.2 Introduction PHP 8.2 is a major update of the PHP language. It contains many new features, including readonly classes, null, false, and true as stand-alone types, deprecated dynamic properties, performance improvements and more. Read Only Classes You can now make the whole class as just read-only. Disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) […]

  • Node Package Manager

    Node Package Manager

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Node Package Manager What is Npm ? Npm is the world’s largest Software Library (Registry). Npm is also a Software Package Manager and Installer. World’s Largest SoftwareRegistry (Library) Npm is the world’s largest Software Registry. The Registry contains over 800,000 code packages. Open-source developers use Npm to share Software. Many Organizations also use npm to […]

  • Javascript Arrow Function

    Javascript Arrow Function

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes JavaScript Arrow Function What Is Arrow Function ? Arrow function is one of the features introduced in the ES6 version of JavaScript. It allows you to create functions in a cleaner and shorter way as compared to regular functions. Syntax :- In fact, if you have only one parameter you can skip the parentheses () […]

  • How To Link CSS File To HTML

    How To Link CSS File To HTML

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes How To Link CSS File To HTML There are three ways Inline CSS Internal CSS External CSS 1. Inline CSS Inline CSS contains the CSS property in the body section attached with element is known as inline CSS. Here CSS added within the HTML tag (p), color of text will be red. used to apply […]

  • Important GIT Commands

    Important GIT Commands

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Important GIT Commands Here is a list of some important Git commands with examples: 1) git init This command is used to initialize a new Git repository in the current directory. For example, you can use the following command to initialize a new Git repository in the my-project directory 2) git cloneThis command is used […]