6 Step Technical SEO Audit

Better Site Experience = More Organic Impresions

(Also: users happy, more conversion, better
usability, more return….)


Good site Experience = Higher SEO Performance

1) Checking current status

Google search console
     >Page Experience

“Good URLs”: pages with good performance score

The closer to 100% the better I always aim to be at least 90%

2) Let’s find out the problems

GSC> page Experience scroll down

Go to the core web vitals (CWV)

Finding out the problems

In the CWV section:

  • scroll down to select any page
  • start analyzing the issiues
Finding out the problems

Click Developer resources

You wil get to the performance  analysis from Google/LightSpeed.

My advice: focus first on passing the CWV assessment.

In the LightSpeed analysis you will get
the most urgent issues to solve

If you do not pass the assessment You are loosing Organic impressions
And also losing: CRO, Usability, Return…
Majority of the issue happen because too much of these:
  • Heavy images (or similar)
  • Slow-loading serve
  • Styling libraries (CSS)
  • JavaScript libraries
  • Plugins
3) Heavy images?
how to fix
  • Lazy Load
  • Try to use webp or svg
  • Images memory size <200kb
  • Compress images before uploading

Images already uploaded?
(WordPress plugin too)

Advanced user?
CDN all your images with
(WordPress plugin too)

4) Low -loading server?
how to fix

Ensure you get a server with:

  • High storage capacity
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Good cache options
Get fast loading server at:

Server tip
Best combo I know:

LiteSpeed Server + LiteSpeed Cache plugin

Server tip

Get Your server with:

5) Too much CSS or JS
This is probably because of Plugins

Rule of the thumb:
Avoid istalling plugin for everything

  • Audit plugin & uninstall what is not
    in use
  • Use code snippets for any tool that
    you want to use
    (What are code snippets)
Avoid plugins, use code snippets instead

for example,
if you want to use klaviyo
Do not use the WP plugin

Use only their Code Snippet setup:

Every tool has a code snippet, plugins are not always needed copy/paste, done!

Bonus tip for Performance
Me and +1M people are fans of the Autoptimize plugin
  • Optimize & minify JS/CSS
  • Lazy load images
  • Minify the HTML

With extra features like CDN, Critical CSS, integration with other plugins

6) Never forget
Monitoring & fixing is essential

A website is a living creature!

Improve website performance for
  • Competitive advantage
  • Better conversion
  • Returning visitors
  • Brand reputation
  • Happy visitors
  • Enhanced SEO


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