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Command Query Responsibility Segregation

CQRS Stands For : Command Query Responsibility Segregation.

What is CQRS?

CQRS is an architectural pattern that separates the concerns of reading data from the concerns of updating data, by having different objects handle reading and updating data.

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I will explain You

Example From The Kitchen

  • A command could be to Create a new order.
  • A query could be to Get the list of available ingredients.
  • Another command could be to update the inventory level of an ingredient.
  • Another query could be to Get the list of orders that are ready to be served.


By Separating the concerns of reading and updating data, the chef’s work is more organized, manageable, and less prone to errors.

And the same applies to software systems that use CQRS, it makes the code more organized and manageable, and less prone to errors.

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