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  • 6 Step Technical SEO Audit

    6 Step Technical SEO Audit

    Better Site Experience = More Organic Impresions (Also: users happy, more conversion, betterusability, more return….) Example Good site Experience = Higher SEO Performance 1) Checking current status Google search console     >Page Experience “Good URLs”: pages with good performance score The closer to 100% the better I always aim to be at least 90% 2) […]

  • Ultimate Guide To Secure Your WordPress Website

    Ultimate Guide To Secure Your WordPress Website

    Why Security Matters? Security is a crucial aspect of running a website, and ignoring it can lead to devastating consequences. Your website is your online storefront, and it’s essential to keep it secure to protect both you and your visitors. Common Threats Hackers, malware, and viruses are some of the common threats to your website’s […]

  • Top CMS Development Platforms & its Key Featurees

    Top CMS Development Platforms & its Key Featurees

    WordPress WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms, powering over 40% of all websites on the internet. Key Features Magento Magento is a popular CMS platform that’s specifically designed for e-commerce websites. Magento also has a strong developer community that creates extensions to enhance the platform’s functionality. Key Features Joomla Joomla is also […]

  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation

    Command Query Responsibility Segregation

    CQRS Stands For : Command Query Responsibility Segregation. What is CQRS? CQRS is an architectural pattern that separates the concerns of reading data from the concerns of updating data, by having different objects handle reading and updating data. Okay, okayI will explain You Example From The Kitchen Conclusion By Separating the concerns of reading and […]

  • Javascript Arrow Function

    Javascript Arrow Function

    What Is Arrow Function ? Arrow function is one of the features introduced in the ES6 version of JavaScript. It allows you to create functions in a cleaner and shorter way as compared to regular functions. Syntax :- In fact, if you have only one parameter you can skip the parentheses () as well We […]